Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why I Have a Crush on Tim Tebow

It’s true.  This Scarlet & Gray wearing girl has a crush on the Archie Griffin of the Orange & Blue.  Gasp! 

But this blog post is not really about Tim Tebow.  It is, but it isn’t.  It’s really about what I’m looking for in a husband.  I’ve wanted to write down something for years, but I’d start and I could never finish. I’ve had well-intentioned friends & family try to fix me up men through the years and it’s hard to explain what it is you are looking for.  A couple weeks ago, I thought why not share why I have a crush on Tim Tebow.  Then maybe people would see the man I feel that God has laid on my heart to wait for.

1. Must be a real Christian.   I don’t think anyone would doubt that Tim Tebow is the real deal.  He’s never shied away from sharing his faith and testimony.  I want a husband who will be the spiritual leader of our home.  I want to pray with my husband and grow in Christ together.  I can’t wait to be my husband’s helpmate.  I want to encourage my husband in his ministry just as I hope he does with mine.  Ever seen the movie “Facing the Giants”?  I want what Coach Taylor and his wife have.

2. Must be willing to be the leader of our family.  Whether it’s just me & him or us with a hoard kids, I want my husband to be our leader.  It’s a Biblical principle that the husband is the head of the home.  I don’t think Tim Tebow would have any trouble stepping up to that role.  As quarterback for many years, he knows how to lead.  And I’m sure he’d be a very strong leader.

3. Must respect purity.  A couple years ago, a reporter asked Tim if he was saving himself for marriage. Tim answered honestly that he was.  That was really the first thing I ever learned about Tim and what sparked my interest in him.  I pray that God continues to give him the strength to do this.  It’s not easy.  Believe me, I know.  I don’t live under a rock so I know that in this day and age, the likelihood that I’ll marry someone with the same amount of {physical} experience as me is pretty slim.  However, I would love someone who respected why God called us to be pure and at least was practicing purity in the present.

4. Must be a family person.  From what I read in his book, I think Tim’s pretty close with his family. He also seems close to his brothers.  That’s important to me because my sister is my BFF (much to her dismay, I’m sure).  My sister and I have been through everything together – from birth to death and everything in between.  My husband would have to respect this relationship.  I love my family, too.  I love just hanging out with them.  I’d want to be close to his family as well.  I was lucky to grow up with both sides of my family getting along and joining together for celebrations. 

5. Must like kids.  Tim tweeted this picture of his nieces. It was Valentine’s Day and he called them his dates or something like that. Talk about melting your heart.  It is absolutely imperative that my husband were to like kids.  We may or may not be blessed with kids of our own.  But I’d want to be an active part of my niece’s life (& any future nieces and nephews – including from his side).  I absolutely love being an aunt. It was thing that ever happened to me.  And I couldn’t bring anyone into my niece’s life that was less than worthy.

6. Must be employed.  This isn’t about money.  It’s about providing for your family.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe it is the husband’s place to provide financially for the family.  I think the wife’s focus should be more about creating a beautiful home while supporting her husband and meeting his needs so he can focus on his responsibilities.   I think Tim has this job thing covered.

7. Must like college football (or at least tolerate my viewing).  Let’s see, Tim played for this college football team down in like Florida so I bet he likes college football.  I’ve been following the Buckeyes since the mid 1990s.  I love to watch college ball.  There’s nothing else in the world like it.  I used to only watch Ohio State games, but in the last couple years I have been watching other games.  Football also makes me feel close to my dad.  My husband would have to understand that.  It’d be great if he cheered wearing some Scarlet & Gray, but that’s not a necessity anymore (yes, it once would have made my list of must have husband qualities…I have grown).

So that’s kind of why I have a crush on Tim Tebow.  He (seemingly) meets the criteria I want in my future husband.  Single girls, notice what’s not on that list.  He’s looks aren’t (although you have to admit that the guy looks like he was chiseled by Michelangelo).  Guess what? People grow old.  Every day.  The outward beauty fades and it’s really the beauty inside that matters anyways. The fact that he makes good money doesn’t matter either.  Money doesn’t buy love or happiness or security.  Stuff won’t fill the holes in your heart. 

I hope that kind of explains what I am looking for in my future husband.  Although growing up I had always thought I’d marry and have kids young, I’m glad that God allowed for this expanded singlehood.  It’s allowed me to develop a Biblical view of marriage and not one based on worldly expectations.  I also know that I will cherish my husband even more because he will be an answer to my prayers.  I pray that I will also be an answer to his.

***And don’t worry, people.  I am not delusional and think that I’m going to marry Tim Tebow.   I’m like 8 years older than him (though age doesn’t bother me) and I’m more likely to win the lottery (if I actually played it) than ever meeting him (even though I have actually met Archie Griffin).***