Tuesday, September 25, 2012

100 Goals by 40

Every year on my birthday for the last few years I have set goals for myself to accomplish before my next birthday. Last year, my friend Lyndsey did this awesome thing where she made 100 goals to accomplish by the time she turned 30. Click here to view her ambitious list and the progress she’s made.  I liked the idea of taking on some goals that may take longer than a year to finish so I totally stole her idea (which I told her back in like October that I was).  By the way, Lyndsey and I just happen to share the same birthday. 

So I wrote down 100 goals for the next 7 years. They are not listed in order of importance, just the order that excel sorted them by. I did split them into categories to make it easier for me to keep track of. Did you know there are 84 months, 364 weeks and about 2,555 days in 7 years? That is the time I have to complete the following 100 goals, which I am affectionately calling my 100x40. 


1. Wear a skirt/dress every day for a week.

2. Wear a skirt/dress every day for 30 days.

3. Work to become debt free – pay off at least 1/4 of student loan.

4. Take some sort of class – dancing, painting, workout, sign language…just learn something new.

5. Get a mani and/or pedi.

6. Blog every day for a month.

7. Complete Master’s degree.

8. Complete a 5k.

9. Weigh 150 lbs.

10. Buy a cute pair of heels & master them.

11. Send a card every day for 30 days.

12. Learn to drive stick.

13. Conquer the drive to Columbus.

14. Do 40 things I’ve never done before.

15. Purchase a LBD (little black dress) & wear it somewhere.

16. Write a book.

17. Be open to love.

18. Collect all the Grace Chapel Inn books.

19. Own a pair of boots.

20. Get really good at painting nails.

21. Figure out makeup.

22. Craft a personal mission statement.

23. Finish paying off vehicle.

24. Start an adoption fund.

25. Learn to change a tire.

26. Run a mile without stopping.

27. Own a smartphone.


28. Be on staff of a church or ministry.

29. Celebrate Passover.

30. Read the whole Bible.

31. Memorize 100 Bible Verses.

32. Lead someone to Christ.

33. Read a book by C.S. Lewis.

34. Do a prayer retreat.

35. Go on a mission trip.

36. Spend at least 30 minutes in prayer for 30 days

37. Complete 50 hours of servant evangelism.

38. Do 30 random acts of kindness.

39. Complete the 7 Challenge (based on the book by Jen Hatmaker).

40. Memorize Psalm 23.

41. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or another faith-based project.

42. See small group grow to 12 regular attendees (at least 3x a month for 4 months)

43. Organize a prayer walk.

44. Do 5 mission projects (possibly with small group).


45. Watch 100 movies.

46. Read 100 books.

47. Throw costume party.

48. Host a murder mystery dinner.

49. See a play or musical.

50. Go 3 months without TV or movies.

51. Karaoke.

52. Host 80s game night.

53. Host a Girls-only Camp weekend.

54. Purchase a projector for watching movies/sports outside.


55. Take a picture a day for 365 days.

56. Take 100,000 pictures.

57. Knit or crochet something.

58. Paint my own pottery.

59. Complete December Daily.

60. Learn to play guitar (& play song).

61. Paint a picture.

62. Make 100 things.

63. Make a quilt for myself.

64. Make a quilt for Bean.

65. Finish Oh! Shoot class.

66. Complete Portraits class.

67. Sell something on Etsy.

68. Make a skirt.


69. Make a pizza from scratch.

70. Organize photos and get them out of my drawer.

71. Finish bedroom.

72. Finish living room.

73. Succeed in making bread.

74. Clean/organize basement.

75. Clean/organize garage.

76. Make 10 soups.

77. Try 30 new recipes.

78. Host Thanksgiving.

79. Frame & hang the cross-stitch pictures that I’ve had done forever.

80. Plant a tree

Others – this category was inspired by my cousin Danette.

81. Scan the rest of Mom’s family pictures.

82. Help Danette start a garden.

83. Take Beaner to a home Ohio State football game.

84. Scan family pictures from Aunt Bonnie.

85. Turn Jim’s slides into digital picture files.


86. Visit Wilmington, NC.

87. Visit World War II Memorial.

88. Get a passport.

89. Use passport (even if it is just to get into Canada).

90. Visit 7 states I’ve never been to.

91. Spend a winter weekend in a cabin in the woods.

92. Experience NYC @ Christmas.

93. Visit an art museum.

94. Stay in a B&B.

95. Road trip to an Ohio State game.


96. Sleepover or camp out with Emmy.

97. Craft with Emmy 20 times.

98. Write a book for Emmy.

99. Go to a zoo we’ve never been to.

100. Take Emmy to Ohio Stadium.

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