Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goals for My 31st Year

For the last several years I’ve made a list of goals on my birthday for the year.  Here are this year’s:

1. Get back into Church. 

2. Read the whole Bible. 

3. Make an apple pie.

4. Sew a skirt.

5. Finish my bedroom.

6. Make a 2nd quilt.

7. Take 20,000 pictures.

8. Sell something on my etsy store.

9. Host a dinner party.

10. Get a mani &/or pedi.

11. Weigh 150 lbs.

12. Save $1000.

13.Visit a state I’ve never been to.

14. Read 20 books.

15. Grow a pumpkin.

16. Build something.

17. Get published (article or picture) in a newspaper, magazine or reputable website.

18. Try 10 new recipes.

19. Go camping.

20 – 29. Do 10 things I’ve never done before.

30. Watch 20 movies.

31. Dress more girly.


Lyndsey said...

I always make goal lists too! You should share how to get to your e store I would love to check it out!

Mrs_Thielke said...

I love your list! How inspirational! :)