Saturday, October 9, 2010

October is here!

It is hard to believe October is here already. Where has the last few weeks gone? Well, the good thing is that despite time marching on rather quickly I have managed to make some progress on a few goals. I thought I would update y'all on that.

#30. Watch 20 movies.

I watched Letters to Juliet and The Bounty Hunter. Last Saturday, my little brother Nick and I went into town and got Chipotle. Then we came home and watched The Love Guru...his choice, not So that's three movies down.

#14. Read 20 books.

I recently discovered two new series that I have fallen in love with, both by Melody Carlson. I just happened to find As Young As We Feel on the new releases shelf at the library. This series is about "Four Lindas" who were elementary school friends. They reunite at their high school reunion many years later and it all moves on from there.

When I went back to get the sequel, I couldn't find it on the new release shelf so I went back to the Carlson section to see if I could locate it. Somebody had checked it out. But while looking there, I ran across I Heart Bloomberg. This series is about four girls in their 20s who move into a house together. It was a very quick read and I can't wait to read the other books in the series.

I also read What She Left for Me. About 1/3 of the way thru, I started to think that maybe I had read this book before. But I'm still not quite sure. I usually can recall these things fairly well...maybe it was just similar to another book's plot? Anyways, this book is about a preacher's wife who returns home from a mission trip to Africa to find that her husband has taken off with all their money...and the church's secretary! She has no where to go but to live with her estranged mother and eccentric aunt. Whether this was the first read or second, it was a good book.

What I love about all three of these novels is they are all Christian fiction. I absolutely love this genre! I discovered it about three years ago. I didn't get to read much the last two years because I was back in school finishing my BA. Those days were spent reading text books and research articles. Now I'm getting to do more reading for fun!! For all you local people, these are all available @ the John McIntire Library System.

#7. Take 20,000 pictures.

I started to tackle this one right away. On my birthday, I had the absolute priviledge of taking pictures of my dear friend Katy in her homecoming dress. We went all over the place in search of the perfect shots. We ended up taking 624 pictures in about 2 hours. It was so much fun! According to the calculator, I'm 1/32 the way done. Yeah! I think that's pretty good for only being 2 weeks in.

That's about it for now on the updates. I'm planning to do more blogging now that I at least have a temporary header. Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend!

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