Monday, December 13, 2010

Remembering Dad

Today is the 11th anniversary of my dad’s departure from this earth.  It was unexpected, completely shocking and as sudden as, well, as sudden can be, I guess.  I plan on writing later this week about his passing, but I wanted to focus today on his life.  I don’t have many pictures on my laptop, but the ones I do have of him are perfect for how I remember him…as Dad.


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One of my favorite pictures. This was the day they brought my sister home from the hospital. We definitely got our love of naps from Dad!

March 1981





Here we are in Cincinnati after a Reds game, probably about 1987. 









Here we are in Myrtle Beach, probably about 1985. Grandpa Birkhimer, Mom, us girls, Grandma Birkhimer, Justin & Dad. 

We spent many vacations in Myrtle Beach.  Dad actually said he wanted to retire there. Of course, he would never have moved away from his family (:






Dad, Justin & Bean in our backyard on 9th Street.  This must have been about 1985.  I can remember bits and pieces about making this snowman and taking these pictures.  You can’t tell, but Mr. Snowman is sporting a GE hat…lol.










Bean & Dad….Christmas Day 1997










Bean & Dad….July 1988








1989 - Greg, Julie, Jody, Jill and Justin Rodgers



Our family….1988








1998 - Jody, Greg, Julie, Justin and Jill Rodgers 


Our family….1998.  We didn’t change much at all…lol!








For some reason, I just like this picture. 

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cheryl said...

Love the shared memories! you had a super dad...didn't know him well but Dave sure did love working with him and told lots of great stories!